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La Vila of flavours

Gastronomy is one of the most outstanding elements of the rich intangible heritage of La Vila Joiosa. Fishing has been, and still is, one of the main economic activities, which is why sea has always been La Vila's kitchen larder. The very fresh fish arriving every afternoon at the fish market in the port is the ingredient of an authentic sea cuisine passed down from one generation to the next. This sea cuisine finds its roots in the stews that fishermen themselves used to cook on board: stews, rice dishes, casseroles...

However La Vila Joiosa gastronomy is not only based on fish and seafood. Vegetable crops has also supplied great products to the kitchens of La Vila Joiosa, most of them are part of the delicious traditional recipes: pebrereta, cocas saladas (a kind of savoury pie) , also almond pastries, arròs amb ceba i carabassa (rice with almonds and pampkin)...

A quick tasting of other flavours of La Vila's gastronomy leads us to enjoy chocolate, traditional pastries, homemade ice creams, and popular cocktails made with iced drinks. "El Nardo" (absinthe and iced coffee) is one of the most popular. This stimulating and refreshing drink surprises everyone .

Gamba y Calamar
Paella y Calamar

In addition to "zero kilometre" domestic products , and the wide range of traditional recipes, the high quality of the local chefs, must be considered, as they keep our gastronomic tradition alive at their bars and restaurants. Great professionals who offer both chances, to savour tradition and also to discover new experiences with a modern and avant-garde cuisine. Product, tradition and professionalism are the three ingredients that made La Vila's gastronomy become a reference point, as well as being one of the Costa Blanca's tourist attractions.


These fresh fish entering the port every evening are the main ingredient of the traditional seafood cuisine. This cuisine of "the sea" includes the majority of the local gastronomic tradtion, not just because fishing is one of the most important traditional economic activities in La Vila, but also because its recipe book is based on the traditional "ranchos", the dishes the fishermen used to cook "on board": stews, rice dishes, "calderos", fideuà ....

Enjoy it
Secando pescado

The Gastronomic La Vila

We invite you to discover our gastronomy through events prepared so that you can delve into our DNA as a fishing town.



On 17th May 2003 the Mercat de La Vila reopened its doors. It did so in the same place where it has been since 1947 but in a new, attractive and modern building. The Mercat is the perfect display for the products of La Vila Joiosa and also one of the gastronomic attractions as far as the town's food trade is concerned. Visiting or shopping at the Mercat de La Vila is a real pleasure: vegetables, fish, meat, salted meats, preserves, bread, pastries, cured meats, pickles, frozen food, wines, special beers, vermouth, oils, honey…

Mercat Mercat

Chocolate and Nougat.

La Vila Joiosa smells of cocoa and roasted almonds. La Vila Joiosa smells of chocolate



Coming right up!

The fishing tradition, the vegetable gardens and the chocolate industry have provided La Vila Joiosa a wide range of traditional recipes that can be tried in some of the town's restaurants and bars. As we want you to continue to taste this seafaring town when you get back home, we have selected some of the most typical ones.

Tapas, rice dishes, stews and pastries to satisfy the most demanding palates. Typical recipes to discover some of the traditions of this Costa Blanca town full of colour, history and flavour.

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